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    The Vampire Diaries (The New Deal)

    • Damon: You should know this, Elena...Stefan didn't screw us over. He screwed us over, but he had a good reason.
    • Elena: What?
    • Damon: He saved Klaus to save me. And then he stole the coffins to get even.
    • Elena: Damon, if he did it to protect you, then why would he even do that...I mean...what does that even mean?
    • Damon: What does it mean? It means I'm an idiot. Cause I thought for one second that I wouldn't have to feel guilty anymore.
    • Elena: Wait, what are you talking about? Guilty for what?
    • Damon: For wanting what I want.
    • Elena: Damon...
    • Damon: I know, believe me I get it, brother's girl and all. (Damon walks away, then turns around) No, you know what? If I'm going to feel guilty about something, I'm going to feel guilty about this. (walks back to Elena and kisses her)
    • Damon: Good Night.

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